Our Hats

The grade of the hat

The grade of the hat depends on how thin the fiber is, and how the weaving process is done, the common grade is 20, which means the amount of strands per square inch. So a fine hat can have a 10 - 20 grade, and a extra fine hat can have a 20 - 30 grade.  

A Family Tradition

The weave of the Ecuadorian hat is part of a cultural tradition that has been taught from generation to generation, the young artisans learn to weave from their grandparents and parents so they can keep the family tradition.

A Careful  Selection 

The stems are cut open so the leafs can be carefully selected and divided in thin fibers, if the fiber isn’t thin enough it is set aside and its used for other products such as handbags or toys. if the fiber is thin and soft then it can be used for the hats.

A Bell-Shaped Hat

Once the hat is weaved it is shipped to the factory where it is dyed (if the design is with colors) and then shaped with special machines, it has to be dyed with a special substance since this could damage the material.